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Andrew McLeod is a ridiculously prolific artist. So said the gentleman at the DDMMYY table at the LA Art Book Fair earlier this year. DDMMYY is a small press based in Auckland, New Zealand, that puts out a zine series featuring a single artist in each issue. This issue is only the tip of the iceberg of Andrew McLeod’s work:

He remixed the Te Papa Museum’s collection of historic paintings into this series of amazing posters.

640 (1)


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He had a show of these paintings and collages earlier this year.



He designs textiles for fashion designer Jimmy D.



He has a publication called BMCT, which stands for blackmetalcytwombly.



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Illustration by Lebbeus Woods

This is a companion to our recent post of Lebbeus Woods’ illustrations.

Prior to his wider recognition as an architect and theorist, Lebbeus Woods provided illustrations for several works of science-fiction. One of which was a book club edition of Arthur C. Clarke’s The Sentinel publish in 1983 by Berkley Books. This hardcover was simultaneously offered in a deluxe slip-cased edition of 465 copies, each signed by both Clarke and Woods. Nice.

While these illustrations are fantastic, perhaps Woods’ best-known intersection with science-fiction came later when he sued the makers of the film 12 Monkeys for undeniably appropriating some of his images for the film.


For more Lebbeus Woods work, info and links, see our earlier posts on his illustrations for the Red Herring Poets, and on OneFiveFour.

Illustration by Lebbeus Woods

Illustration by Lebbeus Woods
Illustration by Lebbeus Woods Illustration by Lebbeus Woods  Illustration by Lebbeus Woods Illustration by Lebbeus Woods

Illustration by Lebbeus Woods

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This is our somewhat beat up copy of OneFiveFour by Lebbeus Woods, who passed away last week at the age of 72.

The bulk of the book is a relentlessly graphical barrage of ideas, much if it reminiscent of Archigram and Paulo Soleri’s Arcology work. Much of it is conspicuously informed by Woods’ theories, which are briefly surveyed in his introduction that reads occasionally like a bit like Buckminster Fuller’s poetry, perhaps with some zeal subtracted.

Like Soleri’s work but of a darker sort, this is the stuff that inspires science fiction and fuels the imagination. The works in OneFiveFour are from the late ’80s and are largely concerned with an underground Berlin, beneath the wall. A Berlin that is a manifestation psychological and political present, sandwiched beneath the Berlin Wall above and fueled by the forces and energies of the earth emanating from below. Still living with these ideas decades later, Woods posted a film treatment for UnderGround Berlin on his volumnous blog.

OneFiveFour was published in 1989 by Princeton Architectural Press. It spent much of the time since then scarce and out of print. However, it was resurrected in 2011 and is now easy to get a hold of. Copies of the first edition of this title, which is Woods’ first monograph, though still pretty scarce, are available in $50-$100 territory at press time. To us, this seems like a worthwhile deal for an influential and stunning work.

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