SCAPEGOAT has recently released its winter/spring 2013 issue, “Currency”. This is the journal’s 5th issue, and the first to assume a book format, which is considerably more dense than previous broadsheet issues. All issues are designed by Chris Lee.

The Currency issue explores the relationship between money and territory. Notable contributions include: an essay on the “Grexit,” a theoretical currency that challenges European money-image iconography; Abbas Akhavan’s gallery show, Islands, in which a map of Dubai was gold leafed onto the galley wall, then divided and sold to collectors in units of drywall; a Berlin co-working space, ExRotaPrint, organized to shield its tenants from the gentrification of the surrounding city; two architects rebuilding a derelict house in Buffalo, NY, by engaging directly with cheap and locally available materials rather than resorting to detached consumerism; a proposal for a new value system based on soil, and the “soil-erg” as its unit of currency.

Image of journal spread: Greece

SCAPEGOAT is a bi-annual publication with curated contributions that address global capital as it relates to architecture, landscape and political economy. Previous issues have discussed PropertyServiceMaterialism and Realism. Upcoming issues will discuss Excess and Mexico City.

You can subscribe, purchase at an assortment of bookstores around the globe, or read them online for free.


shelf — posted on May 17th, 2013

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