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Andrew McLeod is a ridiculously prolific artist. So said the gentleman at the DDMMYY table at the LA Art Book Fair earlier this year. DDMMYY is a small press based in Auckland, New Zealand, that puts out a zine series featuring a single artist in each issue. This issue is only the tip of the iceberg of Andrew McLeod’s work:

He remixed the Te Papa Museum’s collection of historic paintings into this series of amazing posters.

640 (1)


640 (2)

He had a show of these paintings and collages earlier this year.



He designs textiles for fashion designer Jimmy D.



He has a publication called BMCT, which stands for blackmetalcytwombly.



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Some select favorite collages and sculptures from the past several years of work by Dutch artist Louis Reith. Prints are available from Little Paper Planes. Reith also founded Jordskred, an indie publisher of artist books and music.

Louis Reith with his submission to a Nike/YOUR:OWN collaboration in 2010

Louis Reith with his submission to a Nike/YOUR:OWN collaboration in 2010

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Tauba Auerbach - Mesh/Moiré

Tauba Auerbach - Mesh/Moiré

Six new Tauba Auerbach prints, “Mesh/Moiré I-VI”, 2012 have been unleashed by Park Life and Paulson Blot Press. The material is classic Tauba Auerbach and these are excellent and successful works in process and composition that should please her fans. You can read details about the process on a promotional flyer/PDF that the press has released.

A lot of Auerbach’s art is about the tension between  an almost total control over what goes into a process and an absence of control about the result that emerges from that process. She explores her system and process thoroughly, with thought and experimentation, and then when she’s ready, she lets go.

Following that intro is an interview with the artist that reveals in generous detail the process that produced the patterned prints. The issue price is $4,500 for each of the 6, with sets available. Let the feeding frenzy begin. For those west coasters that want a closer look, we assume that Park Life will be showing off these beauties at the artMRKT San Francisco May 16-19.

Tauba Auerbach - Mesh/Moiré (1)

Tauba Auerbach – Mesh/Moiré from Paulson Bott

Tauba Auerbach - Mesh/Moiré (2)

Tauba Auerbach – Mesh/Moiré from Paulson Bott

Tauba Auerbach - Mesh/Moiré (3)

Tauba Auerbach – Mesh/Moiré from Paulson Bott

Tauba Auerbach - Mesh/Moiré (5)

Tauba Auerbach – Mesh/Moiré from Paulson Bott

Tauba Auerbach - Mesh/Moiré (6)

Tauba Auerbach – Mesh/Moiré from Paulson Bott

Tauba Auerbach - Mesh/Moiré (7)

Tauba Auerbach – Mesh/Moiré from Paulson Bott

The above images are from either the Paulson Bott Press site or the promotional flyer. Paulson Bott has a long history with Tauba Auerbach, which you can browse on their site. Some of these prints may be available still, they’re probably upwards of $5K by now.

In thinking about these new prints, we did some reading about past Aurebach prints and came up with a few details to share. With the recent well-documented blockbuster exhibition Tetrachromat came an uncharacteristic untitled edition of 120 spray-paint-on-my-studio-floor silk screen prints on black paper, which may have started out around $700*. Some images from the artist’s studio on the Goldminer Project reveal how these prints came about.

Tauba Auerbach - Tetrachromat print

Tauba Auerbach – Tetrachromat print

In 2011 came a pair of C-prints, “Static 18” and “Static 19“, from Texte Zur Kunst. These 2 editions started out at the awesome price of 245 euro and have easily appreciated an order of magnitude* since then. There were 30 of each of these plus 10 proofs. As their titles suggest, these are a continuation of a long series of haunting static prints that came in much smaller editions. The “static” series followed “crumple”, “shatter” and “crease”, all concerned with randomness, disruption and confusion. You can follow up about many of these earlier prints by getting ahold of the increasingly scarce monograph Chaos (alternate link), put out in 2010 by Deitch Projects.

Tauba Auerbach - Static 19

Tauba Auerbach – Static

Tauba Auerbach - Static 18

Tauba Auerbach – Static

Tauba Auerbach’s website has an excellent list of her works. Click through, it’s good way to spend an afternoon into evening.

Tauba Auerbach - Folds - Printed MatterAnd finally, one more mesmerizing print. This one, “Untitled (Fold)”, was a Printed Matter benefit print from 2009. It’s a shame that here we can only trade in these little images which fail to draw you in and play with your vision and perception the way the full size and real editions do. From the Printed Matter description:

Tauba Auerbach’s two-tone screenprint is a visual cacophony of purple and yellow gridded dots that, when seen at a distance of 9 or 10 feet, resolve into an ingenious optical illusion suggesting a piece of paper that has been folded into sixteen segments.


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All images from mattshlian.com

Matt Shlian has a way with folded paper. His fascination with geometric, 3-D forms and interactive art is leading him to collaborations with scientists and retailers alike. Attractive wall hangings, small sculptures and art books by Shlian are available through the Ghostly store and through Eight Emperors, a subscription series run by Matt and his partner, Thea Augustina Eck.

Out of this excellent body of work, we are most excited by the kinetic sculptures and flip books. Movement best showcases the complexity of these folded and layered forms, and betrays Shlian’s talent as an engineer.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Even just watching this guy fold paper is mesmerizing. Shlian will be teaching a course on paper sculpture at Haystack this summer.

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photo via wearewillbrown.com

photo via wearewillbrown.com

photo via wearewillbrown.com

We’ve been admirers of Tauba Auerbach’s work ever since we saw her sitting with her epic pop-up book-sculpture [2,3] at the New York Art Book fair a few years back. Now that a set of her postcards asks $750, and her prints are easily $3K and upup, up, her older stuff is getting tricky to find. So we were thrilled to be tipped off by the blog of Auerbach-champions Park Life that she designed a pin to fundraise for the Will Brown exhibition space in San Francisco’s Mission.

“Contgratulations” the edition, and the event, celebrates Will Brown’s successful first year of delightful, critical irreverence. 2012 was a year that brought them immediate attention and praise with their first show Illegitimate Business, which itself speaks to the politics of collecting. The year ended with some “Best of 2012″ props from Frieze and elsewhere, which you can find more about on the event’s page. Spend a moment browsing the rest of their projects for gems like this:

At 6PM, 10 artists will set out on foot from their respective homes and walk to Will Brown. Departing from disparate corners of the Bay Area, participants will arrive in a staggered procession throughout the course of the evening. The physical space will be empty of art.

The humble buttons sold for $40 online. The fifty that were made available sold out, sight-unseen, shortly after being posted online. The rest of the 150 pins were sold at the fundraiser event, at which the artist was present.

photo via wearewillbrown.com

All of these pictures and more are from the Will Brown site.  Also, check out a previous foray of Tauba Auerbach’s into wearables: jewelry for Ohne Titel.

We leave you with a pic of Auerbach herself. How about that other pin?

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