Corinne Silva is a London-based photographer.  Her series “Imported Landscapes” is based on the idea of the movement of the African and Eurasian techtonic plates and the interconnected landscapes that ride on top of them.  She installed a series of photographs from the north Moroccan coast, captionless, onto billboards in southern Spain.

From the arist’s statement: “The billboards are a reminder that landscapes themselves are palimpsests. Each person’s actions directly affect another; these actions and power shifts can be traced in the landscape. The act of placing one landscape inside another – the southern hemisphere into the northern – creates a space to contemplate not only their shared topography but also the complex web of their ongoing connection of trade, mobility and colonization.”

Watch this video of Silva, in which she explains some of the interesting moments during the life of the installation.

We’ve also been mesmerized by her photography of the landscape of Leeds in this film.


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