via thrilljockey

via thrilljockey

We’re big fans of Chicago poster outfit Sonnenzimmer. They’ve teemed with Thrill Jockey to make these 2 prints (one, two) in editions of 50 to make you feel old in the event of Thrill Jockey’s 20th anniversary.

It’s been a very Sonnenzimmer year for us, as we got to meet them at Flatstock in Austin. We’re super excited about their upcoming Warp and Weft. We also came across and “accidentally bought” this excellent print on our spring trip out to the Marfa Ballroom.

via sonnenzimmer

We set foot in an Urban Outfitters for the first time in years, and found a stack of their posters on sale for cheap. Ubiquity.

Oh, and speaking of their Kickstarter book, they posted an excellent reading list about where they’re at with their abstract ideas. The post is for “backers only”, but we think the list is worth the leak. From Sonnenzimmer , for your beach reading:

For now, we leave you with a short-list of books we have been going through for research:
– Ken Tyler, Master Printer, and the American Print Renaissance by Pat Gilmour
– Jackson Pollock: Interviews, Articles, and Reviews by Pepe Karmel
– Pollock Painting by Hans Namuth
– Stories of Art by James Elkins
– Robert Motherwell’s Reconcilliation Elegy : a Journal of Collaboration by Robert; Carmean, E.A. Jr.; Bigelow, Robert; Scofield, John E. Motherwell
– Principles of Gestalt Pyschology by K. Koffka
– The Japanese Print since 1900 by Lawrence Smith
– Dan Flavin, The Architeture of Light by Guggenheim Museum Publications
– Moholy-Nagy: Experiment in Totality by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy

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