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The photos here are of Warja Lavater’s La Fable du Hasard, published by Adrien Maeght in 1968. Lavater, a Swiss graphic designer, book artist and patron saint of Ruins or Books, began in 1962 to craft the nineteen volumes in her “Folded Stories” series. All of which are as lovely as they are hard to find.

In fact, of the dozens of books that Warja Lavater created, there is only one book in print. The endlessly fascinating Pictograms on Nieves (Printed Matter link). This book, we could not recommend more.

Stay tuned to Warja Lavater. Her work is far too stunning and strikingly contemporary to stay under the radar and out of print long. Hopefully we’ll see a few monographs, reprints and exhibits in the next short while. Printed Matter has already done much to champion Lavater’s work with an exhibit and essay concerning collector Tony Zwicker‘s collection of Lavater’s work.

Speaking of Printed Matter, if you haven’t heard, they suffered major damage from Hurricane Sandy, so consider supporting them in getting back on their feet. And let’s all hope that their Lavater rarities survived the flood that consumed the stack of Warja Lavater’s the Rose and the Tree Frog here in the foreground.

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Words Make the Infinite Finite, an accordion book released in 2008 by Swiss book artist Romano Haenni (or Hänni). A small and lovely volume that we came across at a book fair in our eternal hunt for Warja Lavater editions. Discovering a second Swiss designer of graphically striking, geometrically informed, wordless accordion books gave me pause. In fact, I haven’t quite reconciled this. Regardless, it’s thoroughly lovely. From the artist’s statement:

Access to signs and symbols could lead to peace of mind  in which all unconscious is not anxiously blocked out and avoided but embraced as a way of expanding consciousness. In this manner, the spirit could find a way out of self-isolation in which it is held captive by its unconditional worship of science and technology.

More details about this title are available on the artist’s info sheet.

This title, and many others from Haenni, are available in the US from The Kelmscott Bookshop.


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