As the latest (final?) phase of a project that Nick Montfort and Scott Rettberg have been working on for nearly a decade, the duo have made available a coffee-table photo book of their mail/sticker art novel Implementation. From a post on Nick Montfort’s Post Position blog

Implementation is a novel about psychological warfare, American imperialism, sex, terror, identity, and the idea of place… about four main characters: Frank, Samantha, Kilroy, and Roxanne, who live in a Midwestern town. The action of the novel begins in September 2001 and runs through the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

Playgrounds, parking tickets, churches, benches, boats. The stickers in the photos are often defiant and critical in their placement, competiting with other grafiti or their authoritarian cities. Others are fleeting, barely there at all. Nearly gone by photo time. Some are calling for attention, hitching a ride on a landmark, trying to sneak into the life of someone or something else. Occassionally the placement is aggrivatingly clever, but most often the stickers have found someplace lovely and anonymous to weather away.

You can get the stickers yourself and become part of the project. All the photos are viewable on the project site.

The book is available for purchase/perusal at blurb.

Oh, also. In other Nick Montfort news, let’s together eagerly await 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 from MIT Press. Sure to be the fall’s hottest book titled with a computer program.


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