Mark Z Danielewski - Fifty Year Sword

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Mark Z Danielewski - Fifty Year Sword

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Mark Z. Danielewski is no stranger to the cleverly put together novel. He’s best known for House of Leaves, which has been published in at least 6 variations of color configurations and levels of elaboration.

The Fifty Year Sword was first published in a lovely and limited edition in 2005, and has been scarce since then. It looks like we’re finally getting a proper run of it in October from Pantheon. And as if the first limited run wasn’t lovely enough, the ante has been upped with this excessive box, which is limited to 1,000 copies and currently available (and rather affordable) via links found on the Pantheon/Knopf site. Check out the signed frontice spread from Z.

Mark Z Danielewski - Fifty Year Sword - Signature

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