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Cover Mania – Michele Mauri

Popular songs, and how frequently they are covered over time.

Timeline of the Universe – Omid Kashan

This “Timeline of the Universe” is available as a print from the Anti-Long shop.

Notabilia – Moritz Stefaner, Dario Taraborelli and Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia

Representing the discussion of Wikipedia articles as the debates about their relevance drag on. Read more abouth the “Deleted” and the “Kept” at Notabilia.

The above images from Michele MauriOmid Kashan and Moritz Stefaner et al, were among the winners of the Information is Beautiful awards. Judged by Brian Eno, Paola Antonelli and other illustrious folk. The full list of winners is well worth the look. And, well, how much time to you have? There is more inspiration to be found on the shortlist… and the long list.


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