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Mok, Jung-Wook is a UK-based Korean photographer.  His series The Urban Topography Research focuses on the dramatic transformation of the urban fabric in Seoul, Korea, and on his own nostalgia for lost places within the city.  Working from a variety of sources, he creates images that reproduce the moment of explosive demolition of buildings around Seoul.  In his own words, his images convey a “sense of loss, the moment of vanishing in an emotional way,” as opposed to the work representing a political statement on urban planning in Korea.

Jeremy Akerman, guest curator of the Future’s Future’s Future show which included Mok, points out, “…Koreans do not observe street names and numberings to find places as we do with A-Z’s but more pictorially, using land marks, large or outstanding buildings, long known places and so forth. In this way one can understand how the removal of the buildings in the photos also represents the erosion of Mok, Jung-Wook’s geographical mind map.”

Mok, Jung-Wook was among the Flash Forward 2011 emerging photographers.  Check out the catalogue.

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